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Writing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Title of website: Information Center on Disabilities and Gifted Education: Helping Students with Disabilities Succeed in State and District Writing Assessments

Author of website: Cynthia Warger

URL: http://ericec.org/digests/e625.html

Content: Students with disabilities typically struggle with polishing their writing. Difficulties usually occur because students with disabilities “tend to know less than their peers about the characteristics of good writing, begin writing with little or no planning, limit revisions to minor corrections, and or have problems with transcription processes” (Warger, 2002, p. 1) However, good teaching can help these students become better writers.
Teachers can allow students with disabilities to use assistive technology during instruction as well as during testing. Teachers can ensure that accommodations made during instruction are used during testing. They can remind students that writing takes effort but that their effort will not go unnoticed. Teachers should use the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) in which they work with their students to develop background knowledge and pre-skills needed to learn a strategy; the teachers then model the strategy and students memorize and use the strategy independently. Lastly, teachers can use the three principles of effective writing instruction. “These principles include:
• Using a basic framework of planning, writing and revision.
• Instructing students in steps of the writing process and the features and conventions of the writing genre.
• Providing feedback guided by the information explicitly taught” (Warger, 2002, p.1).

Helping teachers in the classroom: Teachers can read this article in order to understand what things students with disabilities may struggle with in regards to writing. Teachers can use this article to get ideas for accommodations. Lastly, teachers can use this article to find resources for other accommodations because under the list of resources, links are provided.

-Meleah Borgquist
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